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Technology is abundant and prevalent at least in the industrialised world. A lot of the available power lay hidden in corporate server farms. Corporate licensing schemes have deployed much powerful framework/foundational technologies inside corporations like Microsoft Sharepoint. These systems are loaded with more features and potential than are actually exploited. And the same licensing schemes often lock these corporations into having these tools for years to come.

So let’s leverage this hidden potential! To link previously separate data silos, ease decision making, reveal hidden patterns in information, facilitate knowledge creation and dissemination, enable collaboration...

Vendors like Microsoft train many technically skilled system administrators and application developers to deploy technologies like Sharepoint. But these developers often lack the softer sides of UI, UX and design that is needed to encourage these complex infrastructures to sprout truly usable and fun applications. The complexity demands a frontline focus on technical competency rather than human factors when it comes to implementation.

The opportunities lie around making Sharepoint and other infrastructural frameworks work in a more humane and accessible way. This means bringing in designers, interaction experts, and so forth. Let add some desirability!