Sony Xperia – Inspired by Humanity.

WTF does this mean? What sort of UVP (Unique Value Proposition) is that?

Humanity’s track record is patchy at best. We are equally capable of great beauty and astounding insights, as we are of brutality and stupidity. And we can hardly be proud of ourselves at this point in time given what we have done to the planet, and how we are still dragging our feet over doing anything about it.

So what does this mean for the Sony Xperia? Will some parts work amazingly well, while others are appallingly crappy? Will the sum experience be … indeterminate with a possibility of a positive outlook? Will all Xperias crash on 21 December 2013?

How much is Sony paying for their PR and marketing? Probably not enough.

Or the more likely reasons is: there IS no UVP. This is yet another phone in sea of same-same phones. Yet another throwaway fashion gadget that makes no significant contributions over other models.

How many people will care that this tagline is meaningless? It probably has negligible impact on purchasing decisions.

Why do I care? Because meaningfulness and meaning are important to me – without these life becomes a series of shallow nano-experiences. Because excellence matters to me. This sort of lazy marketing shows no thought, zero emotions, assumes customers as dumbasses, and cheapens important ideas and concepts like humanity.

Hey, it’s a Sony.