We are AIA.
We are here to create a lasting impression for you and your loved ones.
This is the collective force of AIA.
This is the Power of We.

Is the new tagline focused on building employee togetherness? “We can change the world…”

Or is it about creating a sense of oneness with customers? “We are all in this together, lets work together...”

Does the “We” refer to the AIA? On which case it could reinforce a them-vs-us situation. “We” are AIA; we are different from “You” the customer. The tagline is self-referencing rather than say aspirational to a common (or customer-centric) vision.

Does the “We” refer to AIA+customers? In which case the use of “we” and “you” in all their copy becomes inconsistent. When is “We” you? And when is “We” us? What about “we”?

I personally prefer the all-inclusive "We" as that is much more powerful. I would want to buy insurance from and invest my money with a company who is on my side, who understands my life and my concerns... As opposed to one who is being very overt about the distinction between We and You.

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