As we gain knowledge exponentially, we also uncover more ambiguities. We discover that life is not black and white, but rather infinite shades of gray.

To some of us, this is an incredibly exciting time. With infinite diversity, combinations, alternatives, and perspectives. To others, this is a time to be fearful. The simplistic comfort of the “good old days” has gone for good. There are no easy answers any more.

As a global society (and indeed as a business), we are faced with a choice in how we react to what is before us. We can choose to embrace what is before us, to work with the exciting chaotic possibilities; or we can choose to look backwards into the simplistic passive suffocation of the Dark Ages. With each choice comes costs and benefits.



Personal awareness and direction.
Constant questioning.
Personal responsibility.
Rich, complex systems and models.

Easy, minimal effort.
All thinking and direction outsourced.
Passive blind following.
External responsibility.
Simplistic, linear, disconnected rules.

Which side do you want to be on?