Fashion design drawing IS reality!

I stand corrected! See my previous post Toilet designed by a fashion designer.

It does appear that the 9-heads proportion used in fashion design drawings is a realistic representation of women in real life. As French model Isabella Caro demonstrates below (red lines are my additions; 10-heads if you count feet on tiptoes.)

Image from

Isabelle Caro did a whole series of controversial anti-anorexia ads in 2007. She died today aged 28.

Here are two “how to” templates fresh off the Internet:

Right: (PDF)

In case you missed the note of sarcasm in the opening paragraph, I continue to haves serious doubts about the ethics and practicality of using distorted and unrealistic fantasy drawings in what is supposedly a serious design profession.


  1. Allison said:

    I will definitely be considering this. I am an artist myself, this may greatly change the way I do things.

  2. Zern said:

    Art is powerful – use that power wisely :)

  3. Joao said:

    it is not the drawings that are sick but the people that are trying the look like the drawings.

  4. Textile Technologist said:

    nice art and perfect measurement.

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