Here are my thoughts from reading the Tellus Institute’s Global Futures (their terms in italics).

Which outcome do you want?

Scenario A: Conventional World ? minor improvements, more of the same, increasingly insurmountable problems ? Fortress Worlds

Scenario B: Conventional World ? revolutions, Great Transitions ? Renaissance 2.0

How do you make your choice? By supporting the contributing causes.

Scenario A Contributing Causes:

Scenario B Contributing Causes:

Big thinking in (small) businesses. Fastest change, greatest mass in smaller/micro businesses. All business is personal. Small businesses connect more directly with people and community. More opportunities for accountability and tangible contributions.

Business as conventional, and its attendant myths and doctrines.
Short term focus.
Economics as if business is impersonal and amoral.
Economics on the assumption of unlimited resources.
Exploitation economics. Take only.

Big thinking in education – especially teaching creativity, problem solving, imagination skills, curiosity, research, knowledge development, science, artistic expression, individuality.

Teaching people to fulfil specific roles only.
Deep siloisation of expertise.
Teaching conformity with the status quo.
Contamination of education from fundamentalist religions (teaching beliefs vs teaching facts; blind following vs intelligent questioning).
Inaccessibility of education (remoteness, access to the internet, to expertise etc.)

Big thinking in emotional maturity – creating whole persons, integrated work-life personas, authenticity, self esteem, self acceptance, full expression, psychological well-being.

Encouragement of fracturing of self.
Insufficient emphasis on the psychological well being of people.
Lack of emotional maturity in the workplace.
Imposed gender and behavioural role expectations that are damaging. Conformity to status quo over personal expression.

Big thinking in health – provision of core basics to developing nations, work-life balance in developed countries, etc.

User-pays health system.
Healthcare as a business.
Lack of basic healthcare for most of the world.

Sustainability and green movement.

Use it up first before others get to it.

Big thinking in social maturity – embracing diversity and difference, care, trust, removal of them-vs-us, equal opportunity.

Censorship. Self-censorship.
Repressive regimes.

Thanks to Bob Jacobson for the link.