A frank and funny study of the rife in-authenticity and bullshit in corporate communications can be found here on Stilgherrian’s blog.

Such appalling “communications” would surely guarantee zero readership and less than zero comprehension/absorption. I could hear my eyes glazing over as I read the two excerpt blocks on Stil’s post!

Contrast: Stilgherrian clearly writes in a very authentic way (and that is not because he uses expletives either). Which would you rather read? A press release from Telstra/Commonwealth Bank? Or Stil’s version of the same?

So why do they do this? Because it is how it has always been done. Because being any more real could *gasp* offend someone. Because even spin should be spun ungenerously and with minimal commitment. Because committees of fearful people will produce gray muck devoid of humanity and authenticity…

Maybe a Word macro wrote it?

The comments are well worth reading too.