Imagine if there is no “them” and “us” in projects.
That’s a radical thought!

No separation, just real togetherness, true collaboration.
Where we actually treat other as we would like to be treated in return.
And we work towards a singular vision.
Without bean counting who has done more.
Because we trust each other to give 110%.
Or trying to work out whose contribution is more valuable.
Because we truly respect what we each have to offer.

Maybe it isn’t that radical after all.
On reflection, I have experienced it! Many times.
With clients. With colleagues. With associates.

There would be no “screwing”.
No need for lawyers. No need for government regulation.
Where contracts are for setting out the project scope.
And not filled with wild imaginings of what horrid things would befall the project.
Or what crimes (moral or legal) we may inflict on one another.

When the belief in abundance is reflected in actual actions.
Not just something that is “in” to spout.

Here’s to the amazing creators.
And pox be on the small-minded, the greedy and the fake.)

From a conversation with my friend Christina Jayne Duncan some time, many moons, ago.