The Art and Science of Pricing by Havi Brooks

Using resonance to set a price: “You feel it or you don’t. And your goal in setting your prices is that your right people — the people you really want to serve — feel it too. They get that “mmmmm, yeah, that’s exactly what it should cost” vibration.”

In other words, listen to your body when setting a price. The right price will resonate with you.

At first reading, this may come across as what the author happily calls “wacky hippie gobbledygook”. But you cannot deny the worthiness of the ultimate goal I have highlighted in bold – the best price is the one where your customers feel it should cost.

The full article, and the blog itself, is definitely worth a read. Thanks to Helen for the link.

Serendipity note: 24 hours after writing this post, Havi Brooks herself started following me on twitter.