The name of a Russian-Nigerian gas joint venture: Nigaz. In Africa, but of course. Very appropriate. Not to mention sensitive.

The latest to join the queue:
Chevrolet Nova = “doesn’t go” in South America.
Ford Pinto = “small penis” in Brazil.
“Come alive with the Pepsi generation” = “Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead” in Taiwan.
Rabobank = “ass bank” in Portuguese (thanks Sandro!!!)

Read more over at The Guardian.

Niche alert 1: Branding and corporate communications firms not only need people with great knowledge of language and cultural context, but also those with appropriately warped minds and a naughty/wicked sense of humour.

Niche alert 2: How about a cross-cultural naming service? For parents and adults who ought to know a tad better…