I have just had the best customer service experience in a long time.

Where: Eagle Boys Pizza at Perth International Airport.

When: Just past midnight on 10 Feb 2009.

How: The person behind the counter was happy. Genuinely, authentically happy. She was the essence of cheerfulness and life-is-good-ness. I could not help but smile. This is despite having had no sleep the day before, a long hot day, and including a visit to the dentist’s. My grumpy tiredness vanished in a flash. And all I did was buy a bottle of water. I definitely got value!

I could not think of another recent example of how the sheer authenticity of a person made all the difference.

To Eagle Boys Pizza management: Don’t let her leave! Increase her pay. Use her as an example for the rest of your frontline staff.

To her: You have an amazing gift. Nurture it. You will go far in the new world where markets are conversations and relationships rule.