Should pedestrians keep left or right. Which is it? It depends on where you are. Maybe.

In melting pot societies (fondue societies?) like Sydney and Singapore, with residents from different parts of the world, it is useful to post explicit signs instead or relying on the unspoken rules.

Singapore is somewhat better in this respect, given their history as a more explicitly "managed" society. Heavy traffic areas often do have pedestrian traffic direction enforcement. Sydney gets getting away with less regimentation as the average pedestrian density in a given area is not as high as in Singapore. But there is no clear keep left or right behaviour.

Have a look at your business operations. Should you be posting explicit rules and instructions? What are you leaving to assumptions that perhaps you should not be?

Recently, I saw a couple in a travel agent. They were eating their takeaway lunch while speaking to the travel consultant! How weird was this.

Again, unspoken rules. I obviously have a rule that says it is inappropriate to be stuffing my face when speaking with a service provider like a travel agent, a barber, or a lawyer. This couple obviously did not have that rule.

Does your business activities/operations contravene any unspoken rules that may cause distress or discomfort to your customers?

Does your business straddle cultures, each with their own unspoken rules? This would be an interesting challenge.

Rules are meant to be broken. But break them wisely and intentionally.