My friend Natalie Shell has mentioned these people a few times over the years:

"Social innovation" - I really like the sound of that. It appears to be a set of spaces set up around the world to enable those with socially progressive thoughts to get together and make things happen. Go positive change!

The website, however, is a disappointment. There are pretty pictures but no information. Not on Firefox anyway.


Text does show up in IE, but so does Javascript errors.


Javascript is used to create the fancy fades and other unnecessary navigation "trimmings". The medium should never overwhelm or detract from the message, as it clearly does in this example.
Not surprisingly, this site shows up totally blank when viewed on my mobile.

For maximum communications effectiveness to the widest possible audience, this site should really contain plain plonko unanimated unfaded unfrigged-with pictures and plain text you can read and copy.

The concept is great and deserves to be the focus. The prowess (or lack thereof) of the web designers is NOT the point here. It is so infuriating that bad design should get in the way of communicating a worthwhile concept like this one.