This post on 437signals will come as a surprise to some. The MacBook Air, despite all its lacks, is selling well.

The soft stuff, the emotive stuff, is what matters. A huge part of any purchase decision is emotive and irrational.

From a completely rational viewpoint, the MacBook Air should not be selling so well. After all, many have complained loudly about the lack of various “essential” technical bits on the MacBook Air.

I would worry about these missing bits too, if I were evaluating this purely from a purely rational viewpoint.

So how does the soft stuff rate? I got to fondle one at a local electronics shop recently. And was duly impressed. Unlike some of their other models, the screen hinge was tight and the screen did not wobble. The shell was flawlessly moulded and assembled, and felt tough. The screen was bright and clear… but these are all merely rational justifications of the fact that it “felt right”.

So, will I get one? Absolutely not.

Why? Precisely because of the soft stuff.

I left the Church of Mac almost ten years ago because of persistently dodgy hardware, appalling service, and the elitist and unhelpful fan-base. Apple took my trust in them and trampled on it.

At the end of the day, given no real difference between what I can do on a Mac or a PC, it comes down to Love and Hate.

Thanks to Stilgherrian for spotting this post.