Here's a clipping from a magazine article on plastic surgery.

The censorship laws (in Hong Kong?) obviously mandated the blacking out of various "sensitive bits". Protection from righteous offence aside, censorship in this case actually worked against the communication intent of the article. Had this article been about breast/cervical/testicular cancer, the same laws would prevent the magazine from clearly illustrating the various self-examination techniques. Who knows what the life-saving implications this would represent?

Simplistic censorship laws such as this don't make sense to me. This is similar to Internet content blockers that dumbly filters out words regardless of context, causing no end of havoc with emails from people with the surname Cockburn, or restricting research into and all things biology.

It says a lot about the warped hang-ups of a particular society when its censorship laws forbid the illustration of normal body parts and expressions of love, while at the same time allowing free access to photos of dead bodies or depictions of extremely violence.