I snapped this photo of a friend's microwave oven.

Quick - can you work out how to warm up a glass of milk?

How about steam some broccoli?

Why is there an icon that looks like a pig?

Can you spot the one that looks like a balding Chia Pet?

Other icons seem to indicate that this is a convection microwave. Just by looking at the icons, can you confidently tell me why there are three different convection modes? And what is the difference between them? (One setting for Chia Pets, the other for iPods?)

Why is there a volume setting wedge under a steaming plate? Does that mean I can set the loudness of the beeping?

Aside from the confusing iconography, the operation is also weird and counter-intuitive. I could not work out how to set the time. And the milk I was trying to heat up boiled over violently. (I am by no means a microwave luddite.)

There was no overt logo or brand name that I could see. Does anyone know who designed this appallingly cryptic user interface?