I had a council rubbish collection day last month. I threw out two PCs, a pile of SCSI storage devices and a scanner (leftovers from my mi$$pent Apple days).

I almost threw out my 100Mb ZIP drive. But at the last minute decided to see if it will work with my current Thinkpad (via an Adaptec SCSI PCMCIA card). It did, and I spent the next hour or so sorting through a pile of old ZIP disks.

The whirling sound brought back memories. 10 years ago I was just starting out on my own! It feels like a lifetime ago.

I used these “huge” 100Mb ZIP disks for my backups and to transfer “large” volumes of data to others. It was fun to uncover some old web and touchscreen application prototypes – which still worked on today’s browsers of course ;)

What’s your tech-nostalgia moment?