Sales/marketing techniques in Singapore

The most commonly seen forms of sales/marketing incentive techniques in Singapore:

  • Pamphlets – everyday I see armies of people stand in street corners, escalator landings, and shop fronts dispensing thousands of tons of printed pamphlets to all and sundry. Even at a recent computer show – there were probably more people handing out pamphlets than actual gear to look at.
  • Product demonstrations – I see these on street corners and in the high-end department stores. Often cookware and cleaning tools. Good entertainment value.
  • Free gifts – like McDonald’s kids meals, some stores seem to have rolling gift-giving programs as a default “customer service” activity. There is so much gift-giving that the consuming population now seem to expect it. But the gifts are usually pointless trinkets. Perhaps most people’s houses are stuffed with these gifts?
  • Sales, promotions and offers. These are usually price discounts, or – you guessed it – free gifts!!! I sooooo do want another cheap, badly made, virgin plastic panda that glows in five different colours…
  • Credit card loyalty discounts – restaurants offer 10-20% discounts if you pay by certain credit cards. I like this.

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