Commonwealth Bank “Determined to be Different”

The Commonwealth Bank’s “Determined to be Different” campaign has been running for a good while now.

It is an odd tagline – somewhat apologetic perhaps. And definitely with a whiff of “committee crosschecked consensus” about it. But they are a bank, so I guess that’s to be expected.

What I am curious about is to hear from customers of the bank – both business and personal banking customers. Has the determination filtered through? Can you feel the Difference, and in what ways?

So far, they sound different. Can they BE different?

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  1. justin said:

    no they can’t!

    and in fact, whenever i see one of their ads, it reminds how FAR away their actions are from the message… and it reinforces my jaded opinion of them.

    the point with banking in Australia, is that it doesn’t matter… because the main banks are the all the same.

    if only they invested the same amount in creating innovative new products as they do advertising campaigns.

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