BankWest – Happy Banking

BankWest has started a brave and different “Happy Banking” campaign.

I first spotted this billboard in the city:

Then the ads came along:

This is an audacious and – if they can pull it off – powerful position of difference. I want to know how the bank’s actions are reflecting their advertised promises. If you are a BankWest customer, do share your current experiences.

Are they obviously putting any of these promises into practice?
Is this purely a product-focused exercise – where happiness means better/cheaper products? Or are they taking it to the larger picture context?
Are you feeling any happier when banking with BankWest?


  1. pat said:

    i bank with BankWest. ive been a customer now for 9 months. i actually moved over because of the concept they were going for and i tell you, i’ll never go back to the dead military style of banking. They have everything from toys for kids, coffee and even a place to sit down where you can watch a dvd while you wait. they also sell awesome non bank accessories like key rings books and toys. Not only is the environment inviting and… well fun. but the staff are fantastic very cheeky and professional. i absolutely love BankWest. GOOD JOB!

  2. Nicole said:

    Honestly I hate this campaign. It’s annoying and pointless, not funny or cute. I really don’t think it’s effective at all, and I really hate that flower.

    Sincerely, Cynical.

  3. Zern said:

    @Nicole – I totally get the cynical bit. :)

    I don’t bank with them. I’m curious to know if the promises do come through in their actions.

    I also notice that many more banks are running similar “feel good” campaigns since this post was first written. But the cynical side of me cannot truly believe most of them are following through with their messages. I hope I am wrong.

    This is a particularly nice one from Standard Chartered. By Stefan Sagmeister no less. I truly want to believe.

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