ANZ Bank – Simon had a great idea

I find the ANZ bank’s current ads to be the most personable and fun. (Too bad their site does not seem to reflect this “feel”).

The ANZ ad shows “normal” bank employees, with Australian voices, sitting in a humble boardroom.

Simon is also the bear in an earlier ad:

Contrast these with the Commonwealth Bank ads; which show senior bank executives in perfect suits, sitting in glitzy glass offices, and interacting with flamboyant staff from their obviously-top-tier “American” advertising agency. Yes, it is probably an attempt at a self-deprecating send-up. I can’t help getting the sense of “trying too hard”…


  1. billy said:

    let me just say who ever put simon on that ad had a great idea..he is a classic..give him more work i wanna see him get famous…i estimate he has made profit for anz this year..lots of profit.i changed to anz the second i saw that simon had a great idea…keep it up simon

  2. boris said:

    i agree 100 %..he is made for television..i see him as the next peter heliar..but funnier

  3. Zern said:

    Simon for Prime Minister…???

  4. andyjourn said:

    I agree with all the above comments. Yes, if Simon was in politics it would be a step up from the dreary characters we are subjected to all the time.

    I am disappointed the add is not being shown now, but great we can access it on the Net.

    Simon, you are a classic

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