Looking back on my previous work with decision-makers in situations where we were coming up with possibilities to meet a challenge, I note that one of the most often asked questions was: “Are you saying we should do that?”

This question inevitably comes up when a promising idea surfaces during the course of our conversation. It is interesting that there such an immediate need for the simple, absolute, one, answer.

This is certainly not a case of these individuals being unable to or incapable of making decisions, or considering pros and cons and alternatives. This is perhaps more so an illustration that it takes time and effort to gently guide a group of people into a frame of mind where they can allow themselves the time to think over each option, and to play with the options; as opposed to having to make an immediate decision. This is one of the most challenging aspects of my work!

Managers in businesses and organisations are so often in situations that demand immediate and decisive decisions that they have forgotten how to let themselves mull over something. Over time, when they have settled into a more relaxed place and are engaging with the idea generation process for what it is, the quality of ideas will shoot through the roof. There will be laughter and enjoyment. The buzz of creativity.

The point being: you often don’t have to make a decision right here right now. Allow yourself time to mull things over. You have the answers if you take the time for them to emerge.

And no, I am not in the business of simplistic answers. I work with my clients to discover possibilities, generate ideas, determine priorities... after all of which they themselves have to make the most appropriate decisions for their businesses.