"Can't beat a skybox! All the excitement of being in the sky, with the security of being in a box!" Marge Simpson.

Many of us dream of flying high. And yet, time and time again we retreat to the safety of boxes. Boxes created by our collective, societal expectations.

We have more choices than ever before to live the live we want. We are wealthier than 90% of the planet’s population. Many of us can afford to live alone – with a phalanx of whitegoods to ply us with the civilisation of clean clothes and baked goods.

And yet, we still succumb to the security of the box. We strive to define ourselves with a handful of brand name goods, with a clearly definable job title, with a house in the right suburb. As businesses, we strive to box ourselves into tightly defined industries, we struggle with our 10 second elevator speech - limit and box yourself in one breath.

I struggle still against the security of the box. Against the stifling shoulds…