“The first thing that we have to remember is that the good guys need to win – it makes the world better.”

By Max McKeown & Philip Whiteley. ISBN 0-273-65614-7.

There are plenty of oh-too-believable horror stories of show-pony bullies, egomaniacs, and win-at-all-costers who do bad things, hurt people and spoil businesses. More importantly, the authors present plenty of evidence that the nice guys do come out on top at the end!

“…truly good guys are more likely to succeed than others.” Here are some highlights:

The authors have done a great job laying out the myths that limits us and the principles that will enable us to be our potential. All in an easy to read 116 pages.

“We have been brought up to believe that there is always a trade-off or a choice between doing that which is good and that which leads to success. Such an assumption is wrong, and this is a tremendously liberating realization.”

Wow! This is definitely a must read if you believe in the good guys.

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