Naming your business, service or product is one of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of starting a venture. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Use a naming system when naming products or product families:

Use one name for everything – ABC glue, ABC pen, ABC procurement.

The company name is different from the product names – ABC Pty Ltd makes SoSticky glue and WriteWell pens. Customers may never know who ABC Pty Ltd is.

The company name is always part of the product names – ABC SoSticky glue and ABC WriteWell pens.

When you think you have arrived at a name:

Do you have non-English speaking customers? Could your name sound offensive to them?

Can you register it? In Australia, search the ASIC database on for exact or similar matches.

Can you secure an appropriate Internet domain name? Most Internet hosting provider offers a domain name search facility on their website. You may want multiple domain names – .com .biz and alternative spellings –

If you intend to trademark your name, you need to speak to a trademark lawyer who can do the appropriate searches for you.

Does it resonate with you? Can you hear yourself saying it again and again?

The perfect name may not be possible. Don’t neglect the other aspects of your business.