I hate this word. I loathe it. It makes me so mad whenever I hear it! (I first mentioned it in this post.)

It is used colloquially most often near the word "innovation" or "idea". It is nasty, shallow and cheapens(!) everything into monetary terms. It is the epitome of the failure of capitalism to look after humanity in general. It is why many so-called "business innovation" magazines and TV shows celebrate make-money-quick above all else. It is why few great ideas come out of "successful" companies or people - "successful" being defined as "having made lots of money" of course. It doesn't really matter how you do it, as long as it is not blatantly illegal or no one catches you doing it.

All this is so extremely limiting and boring - the implication is that if an idea cannot be converted into simple dollars, it is not "worth" anything. And isn't it weird how the word "worth" probably immediately made you think of "monetary value"?!!


Try these on for size:

  1. How do you monetize your spouse, children and pets?
  2. How do you monetize your life, your passions, your dreams?
  3. How do you monetize that feeling of having achieved or learnt something?

Why is it that the business world is seemingly so filled with personality-challenged, soulless, greedy, ethically-hollow carapaces whose sole purpose seem to be make-more-money-at-all-costs?

(See the correct definition for Monetize on Wikipedia.)