Choice awarded its Shonky Award to all mobile phone resellers for their confusing plans.

No sh*t. Just try comparing one plan to another. It is impossible. Even between plans from the same retailer.

Coincidence? Incompetence? Hardly.

Try deliberate, thought-through, and well-designed. I have heard from a reliable source that phone companies intentionally design their plans to discourage any and all real comparison. The plans are crafted to create only an illusion of choice and value. They tap in to our need to have meaningless options and variations we can happily (and myopically) mix and match, in order to gain a variety of "freebies" and bonuses supposedly tailored to our lifestyles and ego.

So in a warped way, mobile phone plans should win some sort of excellence in design award. They are obviously designed very well to suit the phone companies' agendas, as confirmed by Choice's Shonky Award.