Company structures may well still be based on the factory model. But the cogs of the machine, the workers, are no longer the illiterate and externally-motivated unwashed. In fact, most knowledge workers these days do wash!

It is no longer sufficient to blindly follow last century’s “best-practices” when it comes to “managing” knowledge workers. New processes, tools and strategies founded on the basis of respect and collaboration are the keys to releasing the potential that currently lies dormant in your workforce.

The empowered, inspired, respected and initiative-driven knowledge worker is the basis for the survival of companies well into the 21st century. Is your business engaging with your knowledge workers to maximise their potential? Or are you still managing in the dark ages, where people only do as they are told, and they don’t get told much because they don’t need to know?

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My book – Cubicle Commando – was written for these knowledge workers, and those enlightened managers.