I buy lots of books. So when my local Borders salesperson asked if I would be interested in joining their loyalty program (ie discount vouchers) I naturally said yes.

The process was really well designed and thought through. I was impressed. Here's what happened:

1. At the checkout, I was asked for just my email address.

2. 24 hours later, I received this small email. The 20% discount, the most prominent item on the "page", was generous and unexpected. The second most prominent item was the call to action - click here.


3. A small form appeared. It was obvious I had to complete the form before I collected my coupon. And it was obvious what had to be filled in.


4. My coupon - yay! An interesting note was the one-line instructions to Borders checkout staff on how to ring up the coupon. What a simple and great idea. It helps the checkout person and me the customer!

Well done Borders.