An iPong of an idea

ipond.jpgIn the mad dash to make yet-more-money before Christmas, the pet shop chain Pets Paradise and Pet Goods Direct are selling the latest in throwaway crass pet torture chambers in the form of the iPond (no relation to Apple).

Essentially it is a little speaker with a fish “cup” stuck on top of it. You fill the “cup” with just over two cups of water, stick a LIVE fish in it, and then play your music (from your iPod) through the speaker.

Read the SMH article here.

This is utterly appalling! To keep a live animal in such confined quarters being subjected to constant noise is unjustifiable cruelty. Better to buy the fish, kill it with a rock, then put it in the iPond. Good grief – every year we sink lower and lower in the name of profit.

I will no longer be a customer of Pets Paradise and Pet Goods Direct stores. If they have so little obvious regard for animal welfare, they do not deserve to be a pet store.

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  1. Andrew Boyd said:


    this particular piece of crap has been withdrawn from the market.

    What annoys me is that Bettas are sold in containers this big every day of the year and have been for years – and we don’t see Animal Liberation or anyone else complaining. Only when it was hooked up to an iPod was it news. Truly, the real horror (everyday deaths from Cancer, everyday misery of pets) never makes the news.

    Bettas can live in small bodies of water – but generally speaking, these plastic monstrosities are impossible to heat, so the fish mercifully dies soon thereafter. In years past I kept and bred many fish (Google on Andrew Boyd CDAS, you will find some of the articles I wrote), but now I find myself liking them too much to support the pet trade by participating in the aquarium hobby.

    And please, don’t get me started on “goldfish bowls”.

    Best regards, Andrew

  2. Zern said:

    Great point – those damn little sugar cube “tanks” are abominations.

    Yes also to goldfish bowls. There is this myth that the smaller the container of water the easier it is to maintain! What a load of bull.

    The larger the body of water, the more stable (chemically, biologically) it is, therefore the less maintenance it requires. But no one seems to get this. Not even some pet shop people. (Is this like expecting supermarket checkout people to know, or care, about the difference between ginger and Jerusalem artichokes?)

    There is still this belief that maintaining a fish tank is emptying out ALL the water weekly, scrubbing everything brilliantly clean, and refilling with “fresh” tap water.

    God now I got me started…

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