Is “W Mobile” dodgy?

Just had an unsolicited call today from a mob called “W Mobile”.

I have been selected… I will get a new phone… the usual time wasting and annoying BS and lies. I asked her if I have any existing business with her, she said no. I asked for an ABN. She said please hold. Then hung up!

Their website at the obvious address does not work. Google showed several entries none of which linked to anything.

Scam? Certainly spam.


  1. Bargain Breaks scam / spam said:

    This was a funny call. Got a Indian telemarketer cant remember what his name was selling me this package. In like a minute of total jumble mumble he thought he made the sale and put his supervisor on the phone (jessica williams) . she was even worse , as stated above she tried to force things down convincing me that it was a really good deal and that im on of the few random numbers selected. I chuckled to myself but let her continue.

    Its so easy to catch things out as basically im in the advertising , marketing and sales industry and deal with a few national and international companies.

    They all state that they are calling from somewhere in australia, well all you need to do is ask them a few basic questions , not about the weather , but something about that general area. For instance they said they were calling from QLD , obviously they didnt know that im from QLD. SO i asked questions like whats the next suburb. They try to get training on general knowledge of Australia but not general knowledge of that local area or city.

    All the same they gave up and admitted that they werent in Sydney. I wouldnt say that all telemarketing calls are scams but obviously in any type of business there are always scams , thats how the world is. Just safeguard yourself and as they say if its too good to be true then its obviously not true. Many of my clients are resort and motel owners accross Australia and well even the deals I get through them which is better than what the general public gets wouldnt be as good as bargainbreaks. I think i should go and ask all my clients for a 7 nights package for $109.00 lol wonder what their response will be.

    Well I hope this helps. Will come on once in a while to check this. Hope this helps anyone else who has doubts. Personally I would suggest dont go for it cuz of the Fine print which they wont mention on the phone and everyone can find really good deals online if they had a good search.
    Take care everyone

  2. Zern said:

    The practice of telemarketing is already annoying and open to unscrupulous businesses.

    How can any business possibly think they could make the whole deal more palatable by getting their people to LIE on top of it all?

    Oh wait, this is called short-term reactive thinking.

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