The stimuli behaviour cycle

This is something I sketched up a couple of weeks ago:

Our subconscious determines our very first and immediate reaction to a given stimuli. This generates raw feelings. We cannot help but react at this level to the stimuli. Once we are aware of the stimuli, and note our immediate reaction; we then have conscious choice over how we respond to the stimuli emotionally and rationally. We also have conscious choice over what we do (or how we act) in response to that stimuli.

If we are aware, we get to choose what we feel, think and do in response to a stimuli. If we are unaware, we react without thinking (the red arrow in the diagram above). Thus we can only change our thinking and actions with awareness.

How we act, our behaviour, will likely lead to further stimuli (from the world we are interacting with). And the cycle starts again.

Our thoughts can also start the cycle. If we think X, and chose to respond to it by doing Y, we get a stimuli in reply from the world at large.

Does this make sense to you? Does this trigger any thoughts?


  1. Stilgherrian said:

    It’s interesting, but there’s some bits which confuse me. Flowcharts generally can’t have two “START” points — there’d be one, followed by a choice. And it might be nice to keep the main pink thread running left-to-right, so there isn’t the “going backwards” part. And that way the red line “jumping over” that pathway really could be made to look like a jump! That would also mean you could show the blue, cloudy sub-conscious really underlying everything!

  2. Stilgherrian said:

    Plus I should be a pedant and point out that “stimuli” is a plural word, the singular being “stimulus”.

  3. Zern said:

    Hah! This is MY diagram and I can have as many start points as I like. So there :P

    (Perhaps I should have left this as a sketch rather than try to make it legible – and thus opening it to interpretation as some sort of formal diagram that must conform to some standard or convention…)

  4. Jackie said:

    Well, Zern – well done! You are right to write stimuli as we all know that our map of reality filters out tons of stimuli at any given moment allowing smaller amounts of stimuli that we can handle. I do not believe that we ever react to one stimulus.

    It’s good to have a flow chart that so succinctly represents what happens to be a HUGE area oand only one we are starting to get to grips with.

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