Which PC maker is greener?

See this article on Greenpeace

And this piece on recycling of electronics and the resultant pollution. And of course the worst culprits.


  1. Stilgherrian said:

    Apple has reacted to being listed as the worst PC manufacturer from an environmental standpoint, releasing a long blog-like posting called A Greener Apple.

    Interestingly, Apple wasn’t listed as the worst because their practices were necessarily the worst, but because their cult of secrecy meant that they didn’t talk about what they were doing.

    There’s further commentary at The Apple Blog.

  2. Zern said:

    Apple could really learn to be much more transparent, open and authentic when dealing with their customers and fans.

    I believe a lot of their customer relationship issues come from the huge gap between perception (they are cool and with it, they think different, they make technology for the rest of us) and the fact that at their core they are really no different from most other fearful and secretive large corporation.

    Imagine mixing the cult-status of their brand, their base of emotive supporters and fans, with an organisational culture that is actually about being real.

  3. Zern said:

    Coincidentally, I spotted this sticker on the train today:


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