Shopping is…

“Shopping is what you do when you have stopped living.”
What a great line!

Then onto the more thought-provoking stuff:
“Capitalism has never benefited the poor, and it aint going to start now. Raised standards of living – so called, are a deception… I have said before that what you put on your plate and in your mouth is a political act. How you eat makes you an activist – or not. Cut the crap, cut the calories, cut capitalism.”

Read the rest of Jeanette Winterson’s article.


  1. Stilgherrian said:

    Interestingly, the Sydney Morning Herald runs a story today pointing out that Australia’s Aboriginal health crisis could be solved by spending 25% less on confectionery.

  2. Zern said:

    A sobering thought indeed. It all comes down to political will. Which is in turn dependant on what is fashionable and/or what win votes.

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