Malleable morals and integrity

People with malleable morals that can be bent to exploit every advantage are not “agile” or “adaptive”; they just plain lack integrity.

Spin can’t change reality. A dishonest act is still a dishonest act regardless of how it is rationalised.

If you found $200 on the street, the right thing to do is to hand it in at the nearest police station. A dishonest person would keep the money and then justify their action: “the police will keep the money for themselves anyway…” etc. And still believe they are fundamentally honest.

Go figure.


  1. marge said:

    i agree. ive known people who are willing to compromise their character over measly things. its actually sad but prevalent over society nowadays.

  2. Zern said:

    The scary thing is how this self-justification behaviour can and does spread into how entire organisations and businesses operate.

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