Do you often feel overwhelmed at work? Are you straining under the weight of your responsibilities? Are you a perfectionist constantly agonising over all the details you need to manage? We cannot possible control everything! And the resultant stress of trying to do so is not nice to live with.

Faith is the answer. I am not talking religion here. Faith means doing the best we can (without killing ourselves) and then letting it go; trusting that things will work out the way they will. And knowing that whatever happens, it will be the appropriate thing for us at that time.

Business today is so much about control, micromanagement, and risk prevention. These are not bad things in themselves, but they only serve us up to a point.

Faith is the way to gain some peace in our busy lives. Do the best you can, and then let it go with the trust that the appropriate outcome will occur. Part of having faith is also the acceptance of failure as part of life, and learning to embrace each failure as opportunities to learn.