Spam call on my mobile – 08 844 737 36

I just had a machine call me on my mobile (awww! I feel loved.)

The recording first of all told me I was a “valued customer” (oh dear, I wonder what they do their unvalued customers?), and that as a “valued customer” I will not be charged for the call (brilliant!). Though I would probably be paying for the call if my phone was on roam and I am on the other side of the planet. Anyway…

It then proceeded to tell me how playing something called ClubQuiz, which involved answering simple questions like “What is the capital of Australia?” could win me a lifetime’s supply of crunchy kitty litter, or something equally astounding (I had lost interest by then and gone back to picking my navel).

Now you can all block that number on your phones. Back to work…


  1. kara said:

    i also got this and thought id get put through to a call centre so i pressed 2 to send abuse to them, however a pre recorded msg just said they’de send me a text to get my camera and that i can play the quiz for 5 bucks a week and hung up…will i get charged?

  2. sam said:

    try spam my mobilephonenumber +46 073 0534206.

    or want to spam my email?
    there havent been anyone spamming or hacking those so please be my guest!

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