Still not getting it

I just had another spam phone call from a certain large telco. Apparently I have magically qualified for another of their specials.

From a customer conversion point of view, these were the challenges presented to me:

  • To determine how much I will save with the offer, I need to dig out my phone bills. I was having dinner.
  • The spammer started rattling off all these convoluted combinations of rates, plans, and conditions. All too much info to be presenting orally. And being an outsourced call centre, they cannot send out any printed material, there is no way to see these plans laid out before me.
  • The offer sounded like, but is totally different from, another plan they have been advertising strongly on TV. That plan came with its own set of convoluted plans and contracts (of course).

It is so transparent that these plans are designed to present nothing more than the illusion of choice and savings. They will screw me regardless of which one I choose! And they make it all so hard and confusing to boot.

Is anyone overseeing these processes, or even really thinking, at HQ? (No prizes for the right answer)

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