karaokecapitalism.jpgDesperate for innovation? Need genuinely great breakthrough ideas? Still staring at the same old same old faces around your boardroom table praying for a 100W light bulb?

In Karaoke Capitalism, Jonas Ridderstråle and Kjell Nordström advocates the "inclusion and participation of deviants in the strategic decision-making process".

If you see suits around your boardroom table, you need someone who is uncomfortable in one. In fact, someone who makes the board uncomfortable in general is probably the best way to go.

New ideas, radically different ideas, are not going to come from a group of people who got their MBAs together, played golf together, and gained their experience from working up a conformist collective of best-same-practicing companies.

Of course, if you are an alternative music and performance art collective, getting in a person born in a suit with 2 MBAs and 28 years in the legal and finance industry may well be the way to go!

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