Just managed to catch the first episode of Dragon's Den. This is a reality TV show (ok, I should've known better) where bright sparks who have invested their own blood, sweat and years in a product or service idea gets the privilege of begging for money investment from a panel of dragons. In return, they also get to "sell" significant portions of the controlling interest in their companies to the Dragons.

Dragons they certainly were. Prime examples of predatorial, exploitative, "whats in it for me?" approach to making even more money.

It was truly digustingly nauseatingly awful. I found myself willing the participants to NOT sign or agree to anything, to get out now becase it is not worth it! This is like watching fluffy animals being tortured.

It is terrible to watch the people with the ideas being taken advantage of, and violated, just so those who already have more money that they could ever spend can make even more money!